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Language services

We provide professional translation, localization, transcreation, revision and voiceover services in English, Spanish and French. Translation of official documents from Spanish into French.


We offer in-person and online training to professional translators, students and trainers on how to better integrate interactive and mobile technologies into their work and life.


We are working with an international R&D team to develop a new generation of mobile and interactive solutions for human translators, designed with end-users in mind.


We write about technology, translation tools, translator training, languages, ergonomics, and other topics related to our R&D activities and the global language services industry.

The Founder

Some say that Julián is “all things translation”. Not only is he a professional Certified Translator, but he is also a Translation Studies scholar (with a PhD in the field), a lecturer, a conference speaker and a translation technology entrepreneur.  

Julián has more than 15 years of experience as a freelancer working in the public and private sectors in Canada. He has also taught an array of translation, terminology and technology courses at university level. His curiosity, innovative teaching and research, and genuine interest in world languages and cultures have taken him to over 43 countries in five continents – and counting! 

He founded InTr Technologies & Language Services in 2013 and, since then, has worked tirelessly to bring value to the profession by providing impeccable language services to a global client base, all the while introducing new technologies and working methods to hundreds of translators, students and trainers around the world. 

Dr. Julián Zapata is certified as a translator by the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes du Québec (OTTIAQ).





Dr. Julián Zapata

Founder & President

Featured Recent Clients

These are some of the organizations and businesses that have trusted in our language services in recent months:

Translating marketing text is challenging. Not only must it fit, you have to adapt for specific markets and different cultures. 

Julián and his team seem to catch these subtleties with ease and always enjoy the creative curve balls we throw at them. I highly recommend them.

Mario Godbout, MGD Branding + Design






Au Conseil des arts du Canada, la langue est pour nous l’expression de diverses réalités culturelles; et la traduction, le passage complexe d’une réalité à une autre. 

Nous avons retrouvé dans les traductions de InTr Technologies la compréhension de ces réalités et la créativité nécessaire pour les exprimer.

Lolita Boudrault, Conseil des arts du Canada




Working with Julián and his team was (and continues to be) a great experience. They are friendly, professional, fast and thorough. 

We have worked with them on a range of services and have not been disappointed!

Lisa Bowker, Capital Power Corporation







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